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Contact S&K Consulting today to speak with one of our friendly consultants. Our rates are competitive and unlike many in our industry, we have no hidden "trip fees", "service charges", "mileage fees", "two hour minimums", etc...

Our objective is to offer you superior Service at a great price. That's how we keep our customers happy!


Professional Services

S&K Consulting has years of successful experience and specializes in:


S&K Consulting successfully works with companies with and without IT staff. In clients with IT staff, S&K Consulting works directly with the IT staff to make their job easier and to provide support. We act as your product research department, your backup staff during vacations/sickness, and provide support during any crisis.

For smaller clients without a dedicated technology staff, we provide all of the services that staff would provide. S&K Consulting has the services you need: designing your network, installing your PCs, or sitting on your Advisory Board.

Our role is to assist you in moving your business forward. Business technology is little more than a tool; if it's not right for the task, it's worthless. Make your technology work for you instead of you constantly working on your technology.